Published On: Fri, Jan 18th, 2013

Bayer inaugurates Polymer Development Centre in South Korea

Bayer inaugurates Polymer Development Centre in South Korea

Bayer inaugurates Polymer Development Centre in South Korea

Bayer MaterialScience has officially opened its first development center and Polymer Technology in South Korea Located in the city of Yongin, near the capital Seoul, he will focus on developing new applications for polycarbonate products of Korean companies in high technology, especially in automotive and information technology. The new Technology Center is incorporating a global network of centers of research and development and production facilities important in the Asia / Pacific region.

“Over the last decade, Korea has emerged as a leading center of high technology products,” said Michael Koenig, Member of the Executive Committee of Bayer MaterialScience and Head of Business Unit polycarbonate. “Large Korean companies are offering their latest technologies worldwide, but its research and development occurs mainly in Korea. With our new Technology Center, we can get closer to them, engage better partnerships in R & D long term and meet their needs more efficiently and quickly. “Koenig believes the center will become a force driving the development of innovative products in Korea.

Bayer strategically selected to host Yongin Development Center due to its proximity to other centers of R & D and manufacturing facilities of many global companies in Korea. Starting now at the inauguration, the center will provide technical assistance to Korean customers on polycarbonate applications in high-tech sectors like IT or automotive products (eg, smart-phones, laptops, TV stations, etc..) From the third quarter of 2013, it will develop new concepts of product applications with large Korean companies through collaborative partnerships and produce samples and tests in the context of customer service.

The opening of the center reflects Bayer’s ongoing commitment to strengthen its presence in the Asia-Pacific region to provide customers with better access to local know-how, experience and advanced application technologies company. The technology center is part of a global network of R & D and application development, including major regional centers of innovation in Pittsburgh (USA), Leverkusen (Germany) and Shanghai (China).

In addition, the new center will be supported by a strong network of production units of the company in the Asia-Pacific region, especially Shanghai, Map Ta Phut (Thailand), and Imabari (Japan). The region now has 60% of global demand for polycarbonate.