Published On: Fri, Mar 8th, 2013

A plastic pipe processing machinery showcase by Sica

A plastic pipe processing machinery showcase by Sica

A plastic pipe processing machinery showcase by Sica

Sica SpA, an Italian plastic pipe processing machinery supplier, will introduce its range of products to CHINAPLAS visitors that include:

 1. A patent pending solution for swarfless cutting of any kind of plastic pipe (PVC, PE, PP); 

2. A system for extending swarfless cutting even to HDPE and PP-R pipes with wall thickness up to 160mm;

3. A fully electronic automatic “groove search” system that requires no additional mechanical accessories for determining the profile of corrugated pipe wall;

4. An automatic inline planetary cutting machine, Duet 200, which cuts and chamfers PP, HDPE and PVC-U pipes up to diameter DN 200 with its patented technology – automatically double-cycles of simultaneous cutting at high extrusion speed;

5. Combo 110K combination machines for pulling and swarfless cutting of plastic pipes, including PVC-U. They process OD 12 to OD 110 mm pipes and have rotary cutting units equipped with knife type tools;

6. Multibell75 automatic in-line belling machine that sockets by means of an oven with re-circulated and thermo-regulated hot air. It is designed for PVC-U double-extrusion lines for pipe 16-75mm in diameter and 1-6m in length;

7. New range of Sica “Unibell J” belling machines for PVC-U pipes – versions with Rieber cycle also available;

8. New P1600/12 Plus and P2000/14 Plus haul-offs with high structure resistance, specifically designed for HDPE extrusion lines of pipes with high thickness and large diameters up to 2,000mm and capable of pulling forces up to 40 tons.