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Weidenhammer presents versatile convenience packaging at FachPack 2013

Weidenhammer presents versatile convenience packaging at FachPack 2013

Hockenheim/Nuremberg, 30 July 2013 ‒The Weidenhammer Packaging Group (WPG) will present its complete portfolio of rigid, attractively-labelled cardboard and plastic consumer packaging at FachPack 2013on 24-26 September (Hall 5, Stand 345).

The company’s trade show presence focuses on custom-designed convenience packaging that optimally protects food and other consumer goods from external influences, and stands out with its attractive design. Composite cans with Peel-off Top closure and PermaSafe®, a plastic solution specially developed for heat-sterilized foods, are among the key products.

Weidenhammer presents versatile convenience packaging at FachPack 2013
Weidenhammer presents versatile convenience packaging at FachPack 2013

Nearly 40,000 visitors are expected at FachPack, the trade show event of the year for the European packaging industry – and not only for German-speaking regions. WPG observed that in recent years an increasing number of customers from other European markets were attracted to the trade show in Nuremberg. “We are at FachPack for the sixth time this year.

This trade event provides an ideal setting after the summer break to meet our customers and to present our portfolio of packaging solutions to potential new customers in Germany and other countries,” says Ralf Weidenhammer, Managing Director of the Weidenhammer Packaging Group, explaining the importance of the industry trade show. “We often make initial contacts at this trade event and exchange ideas, which then develop into specific projects for the following year.”

Protection for sensitive products
The latest example of a newly developed project is a composite can with a special Peel-off Top, which resembles commercially available metal cans in appearance and use. An aluminium membrane is sealed directly to a special metal ring, which is then seamed to the body of the can. This ensures a high level of impermeability and product freshness – ideal for sensitive products, including nuts, coffee, and even milk powder, which is subject to specific hygiene regulations.

Heinz, the U.S.-based food manufacturer, is already convinced of the benefits. The company recently introduced their two baby milk powder brands, “Nipiol” and “Plasmon” to the Italian market in these special Weidenhammer Peel-off Top composite cans. Another decisive factor was a completely new hygiene concept for production developed by WPG. “Our Peel-off Top composite can provides maximum protection for sensitive products and offers a real alternative to metal cans,” explains Rolf Regelmann, Director Sales and Marketing at WPG.

Sweets in promotional cans
Composite cans are widely recognized as practical, reliable packaging solutions. They protect stacked chips and other salty snacks from being crushed. The Pringles can is the best-known example. These cardboard cans are also ideal for product promotions and gift packaging. At FachPack, Weidenhammer is presenting the Triopack can for Nestlé, which is used to package a children’s toy and three rolls of Smarties. Its stylish, sleek design and striking, attractive label make this solution a real eyecatcher at the point of sale. An attached cord ensures carrying convenience. Triopack is already on sale as a family souvenir in European duty-free shops.

Consumers can also enjoy Ricola herb drops from composite cans. The Swiss manufacturer is now selling large packages of drops in Weidenhammer packaging for the first time, replacing the traditional metal can in this segment. This changeover was based on enhanced environmental sustainability. Like all Weidenhammer packaging, composite cans are made primarily from recycled materials and are reusable. “Issues such as cost and environmental impact are becoming increasingly important for food manufacturers and retailers,” explains Regelmann. “Our composite cans have many benefits compared to other rigid packaging – and offer enormous market potential.”

Transparent or photorealistic
PermaSafe® plastic solutions from Weidenhammer Plastic Packaging(WPP), the Weidenhammer plastics division, also have great potential. Two new PermaSafe® products will soon be introduced to the market: Mr. Fix, a ready-to-serve meal from EiflerFleischwaren, and pickled herring in brine from JSC BrivaisVilnis. These products demonstrate once again the versatile form and design of the “reinvention of the can”, as well as its maximum product protection and convenience.

The ready-to-serve meal by Eifler is packaged in a round decorated container that attracts attention at the point of sale with its photorealistic illustrations, for example of a meat and rice dish. This is made possible by In-Mould Labelling, which integrates packaging production and labelling into a single process. The product, which is sold on the market in five varieties, can also be quickly and simply heated in a microwave.

JSC BrivaisVilnis uses the same packaging solution with a completely different design. The 70-mm high and attractively labelled PermaSafe® container has a “porthole” that makes the packaging more transparent. This gives the consumer a good view of the product inside. This is the first Weidenhammer plastic packaging specifically produced for the Latvian market.

“The Eastern European market offers a lot of potential, especially in the fish and seafood sector,” explains Andreas Rothschink, Sales Director at WPP. “We are already holding very promising talks, and FachPack offers us the opportunity to meet with potential customers.” The Weidenhammer Packaging Group will present its portfolio of composite cans and plastic solutions with In-Mould Labelling at FachPack 2013 (Hall 5, Stand 345).

About the Weidenhammer Packaging Group
With 12 production sites, 1,100 employees and annual sales of €245 million, the Weidenhammer Packaging Group is one of the world’s two leading suppliers of composite cans, composite drums and plastic containers. Founded in Hockenheim, Germany in 1955, the family-owned enterprise has evolved over the last 55 years to become a market and technology leader in its segment. Weidenhammer customers include international brand product manufacturers Nestlé, Unilever, Kelloggʼs, Mondelez, RügenwalderMühle, Imperial Tobacco and BAT. Further information is available on the Internet:

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