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Victrex launches durable, lightweight VICTREX Pipes

In response to growing market demand for superior performing pipes in harsh and demanding

environments, Victrex Polymer Solutions has launched its Victrex Pipes product family.

Developed to replace the Corrosion Resistant Alloys (CRAs) used to make pipes and piping systems for extraction and transportation in the oil and gas industries, Victrex Pipes offer an opportunity to replace CRAs in pipes and piping systems by lining pipes manufactured in other metals.

The new product line of extruded pipes and tubing made from Victrex PEEK polymer makes full use of the material’s performance capabilities, including the ability to withstand extreme temperatures and corrosive conditions and reduce weight. Victrex Pipes open up new application opportunities, with the capability to deliver greater long-term reliability in the demanding operating conditions found in the high temperature, pressures and corrosive conditions in the oil and gas sector, Victrex says.

Victrex Pipes are also lightweight and inherently halogen-free, with low levels of smoke and toxic gas emissions, ensuring they not only satisfy the stringent safety, quality and performance regulations within the aerospace industry, but also offer a significant weight reduction potential, when replacing metals.

Victrex is a manufacturer of high performance polyaryletherketones such as Victrex PEEK polymer, Vicote coatings, and Aptiv films.


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