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Valpak assists one of the first companies to take advantage of new Civil Sanction powers

Valpak, the UK’s leading compliance scheme and provider of recycling solutions, is one of the

first to successfully assist a company in taking advantage of the new Environment Agency (EA) Civil Sanction powers.

The company concerned, which has its registered office in London, voluntarily submitted an offer earlier this year to make amends for prior offences under the Packaging Waste Regulations.  It is believed that the offer is currently one of only five to have been accepted, despite suggestions that quite a large number of Enforcement Undertakings have been received to date by the EA. Having failed to comply with the Packaging Waste Regulations on behalf of some of its packaging handling subsidiaries, the company corrected the omission in December last year before enlisting Valpak’s assistance in putting its case to the EA. Its offer was officially accepted in May this year.

Valpak will now run an environmental project on their behalf and has selected North Tyneside Council as its partner. The offer of £21,000 will be used to run a communication campaign in the North Tyneside area to increase plastic bottle recycling rates.

Since 2007, Valpak has been working with councils involved in the North Eastern Purchasing Organisation (NEPO), and North Tyneside Council was chosen as it is one of the local authorities that Valpak has previously worked with, through NEPO, on waste electrical and battery recycling initiatives. However, this project is the first that focuses on packaging recycling between the parties.

Stephanie Haines, Policy Advisor for Valpak, commented:

“This is a really positive change for obligated companies that have been non-compliant in the past and wish to do the right thing by the environment. Our relationship with the authorities involved in NEPO has allowed us to match the funding offered by our member to a great cause, and we are excited to see the impact that this money will have in North Tyneside.”

Cllr Ed Hodson, North Tyneside Council’s cabinet with responsibility for waste and recycling, said:

“We’re delighted that residents in North Tyneside are recycling more of their waste than ever before. However, we know that some residents remain unaware that plastic bottles are the only plastic material we can currently recycle. We’re keen to ensure that more people wash their cans and bottles out and crush them before placing them in their recycling bin. By this means, there will be no nasty residues that might contaminate the waste paper due for recycling and there will be more room in householders’ bins for other recyclable waste.

“We’re pleased to accept this funding and look forward to working with Valpak to get recycling advice across to our residents.”


Source : www.packagingeurope.com

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