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US home care supplier debuts 96% post-consumer bottles

Seventh Generation, a US-based supplier of non-toxic household and personal care products, debuted continers featuring 96% post-consumer recycled (PCR)

content for housing environmentally-friendly dish liquid, fabric softener, non-chlorine bleach and liquid laundry detergent.

The containers are constructed of resin derived from recycled milk jugs and other plastic bottles and represents a quantum leap over the 25% recycled content typically found in plastic packaging.

The new packaging joins other high-PCR content bottles in Seventh Generation’s roster of products, including its revolutionary 80% PCR 150oz concentrated laundry liquid container. These bottles are made from HDPE (#2) plastic instead of PETE (#1) because manufacturing HPDE resin produces 42% less greenhouse gas emissions than PETE.

The company claims that the country would save over 8,600,000lbs of plastic and prevent the release of more than 23,500,000lbs of greenhouse gases, if every household replaced just one virgin plastic 25oz bottle of dish liquid with its 96% PCR bottle.


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