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Teijin to start supplying Scintirex radiation fluorescent plastic in late September

According to its press release on September 7, Teijin Chemicals Limited, a subsidiary company of Japan’s Teijin Group will begin supplying

Scintirex, a low-cost radiation fluorescent plastic later this month.

Teijin Chemicals will process and supply Scintirex for use as scintillators, the core material in radiation detectors. Targeted buyers include universities, research institutes and manufacturers in some applications including radiation detectors and medical equipment.

Scintirex will help to reduce the total cost of radiation detectors by slashing the production cost of scintillators to one tenth or less of current levels, said the company. It has a special molecule structure and emits blue fluorescence when exposed to radiation.

As stated, Scintirex is better than conventional scintillators in terms of luminescence, refractive index and density. Because it is a polyester resin, Scintirex also offers easier moldability.

Detectors equipped with Scintirex can be used for radiation management at nuclear power plants, nuclear fuel processing facilities and radiation stations, such as those in hospitals. It is also applicable in radiation-inspection equipment at airports, harbors and rail stations and aerospace hardware.

Scintirex is a proprietary polyester resin developed by Teijin Chemicals in cooperation with Kyoto University Nuclear Reactor Research Institute and the National Institute of Radiological Sciences in Japan.

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