UFP Technologies launches BioShell suspension pack for medical packaging

UFP Technologies, a US-based designer and supplier of foams, plastics, and natural fiber products, announced its next generation protecting

single-use biopharmaceutical bags. The BioShell Suspension Pack advances bag protection with a universal storage container protecting contents within a cushion of air.

The first generation of the product, launched in 2009, was an innovative solution for frozen bag protection that became widely adopted across the BioPharm industry. The BioShell Suspension Pack is the next step in protection, offering versatility for both liquid and frozen bags. Biopharmaceutical bags placed inside of the BioShell Suspension Pack are enveloped tightly in a durable film that suspends products within a polycarbonate shell. The suspension film absorbs shocks during impact, preventing damage to the bag by eliminating contact with the outer shell.

The design allows for use with a varying number of tubes, tube lengths, data loggers, clamps or filters without sacrificing protection. All contents are in plain sight through the UV protective shell and film. Any possible kinks and/or stress points are in view for quick correction.

The unit is stackable and designed to maximize part density in industry standard freezers. The entire system or select features of the BioShell Suspension Pack are fully customizable.


Source : www.adsalecprj.com