No plastic in eggs available in Dubai: Municipality

In response to a video circulating in Dubai via social media claiming that eggs made from plastic were available in the emirate, the Dubai Municipality has clarified that there is no truth in the video and it’s just a rumour.

A presenter in the video claimed a layer of plastic was formed on the eggs when they were fried.

In response to the inaccurate information in the visuals, the Food Safety Department at Dubai Municipality said that it was known that plastic is solid at room temperature and melts at high temperatures.

It further clarified that as the eggs in this video were liquid at room temperature and solidified with frying, it could not be plastic, as plastic will melt at high temperature.

The Food Safety Department added that the reason the eggs, when fried, appeared different from usual is that when eggs are not very fresh, the white portion will be more liquid, “as is evident in the video”, and may therefore give different forms due to coagulation of egg protein at different temperatures, so what is seen in the video is very natural.

The official clarification comes within the “authentic news” initiative launched on Dubai Municipality portal, which aims to reduce the circulation of rumours that are spread through the means of social media.


Source :  khaleejtimes