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The Heinz-Glas & Plastics group acquires its colleague Böhm

The German group, Heinz-Glas & Plastics specialized in both the production of glass bottles and plastic packaging, has announced,

late last week the acquisition of the plastic packaging converter Böhm, also of German origin, with both of its entities Kunststofftechnik and Polytech.

According to managers at Heinz-Glas & Plastics, the range of products manufactured by the Böhm company has the advantage of being perfectly complementary to those manufactured by the Heinz group. An acquisition raising the Heinz group’s number of employees to nearly 3500 and making it one of the county’s largest employers in his region in Germany. And as a result, the total revenue of all Heinz companies will exceed this year and for the first time in its history 300 million euros!
Böhm, a cosmetic and… medical expertise!

Let us look back in time. As a professional glassmaker, the history of the Heinz group dates back to over 350 years. The group currently has five factories in Germany and several others in China, North and South America, Poland, Switzerland and the Czech Republic. It employs 3000 people (including 1700 in Germany).

The plastic division, which was founded in 1955, can currently rely on about 100 processing machines to which must be added the ones belonging to the Böhm group.

With its three factories located in Germany, the Böhm group offers, in addition to custom-made solutions, a selection of individual standard components (caps and bottles), as well as standard, coordinated complete packaging products. To note also that its three factories also manufacture and distribute complex technical injection moulds used by the medical sector.


Source : www.premiumbeautynews.com


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