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Testing service for polymer performance and additives

A polymer testing laboratory has been opened at Trafford Park in Manchester by Bodycote Testing Group. The 11,000 ft² facility handles polymer performance assessments and the testing of additives in plastics.

     Performance assessment testing assesses the physical and mechanical deterioration of plastics in representative environments. These include climatic exposure tests such as cyclic and static heat/humidity and sub-ambient capability; accelerated weathering tests in accordance with international and industry standards such as ISO and SAE and accelerated corrosion tests for salt spray, cyclic corrosion and CASS.
     The new additive testing capability provides a range of polymer processing services and additives evaluation testing which complements the existing range of mechanical, physical, thermal and chemical polymer materials tests available from within the company’s Polymers Division. The service is intended, for example, for manufacturers who wish to compare additives from suppliers, check stated levels of additives in polymers or assess the long term performance of materials. Bodycote can provide additive incorporation, including mixing and blending as well as compounding using single and twin-screw extrusion; polymer processing, including melt extrusion, compression moulding and injection moulding; and additive evaluation including antioxidants, UV stabilisers and colour systems.



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