New Brand is More Representative of SPI’s Future Vision for NPE

SPI: The Plastics Industry Trade Association has unveiled its new modernized NPE logo and announced its new show tagline for NPE. The new logo features more modern colors and updated creative elements while staying true to the ‘globe and banner’ aspect the NPE brand has been known for through the years. The new tagline, “The Plastics Show,” replaces the old tagline of The International Plastics Showcase.

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SPI Unveils New, Modernized NPE Logo and Tagline

The logo was modernized to better align with innovative nature of the event, and the tagline better explains the show itself. “NPE is simply ‘The Plastics Show’ for any professional using or considering the use of plastics in a product,” stated William Carteaux, SPI’s president & CEO.

Carteaux added, “The changes are aligned with our need to continue attracting more end markets to the show so they better understand the material of plastics and its many wide and varied applications for products. The tagline is more inclusive and attractive to more professionals within the plastics product lifecycle, from ideation to finished product to recycling and reuse.”

NPE2015 attracted more unique buying companies (23,396) than any previous NPE dating back to the 1990s when this statistic was first captured. “We want to draw more unique companies to the show and especially the exhibit floor, and the best way we know to do this is to remain true to our core attendee while introducing newer markets to the material of plastics,” stated Gene Sanders, SPI’s senior vice president of business development. “We believe the modernized logo and clear tagline help with the overall awareness of the event and growth within desirable end markets.”

“We’re excited about plastics and what’s in store for our industry moving forward. NPE2015 was the greatest NPE in our long and storied 70-year history, and we think NPE2018 will be even better. Today marks another step in making sure we are focused on that mission,” concluded Carteaux.

NPE2018 will take place May 7-11, 2018 in Orlando, FL. Visit for more information on the show.


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