Sidel to showcase PET bottling-K2010 preview

Sidel, one of the world’s leading provider of beverage packaging solutions, will present its integrated solutions for

PET bottling at K2010, the world’s largest plastics and rubber trade fair to be staged in Düsseldorf, Germany, from October 27 to November 3.

During the fair, the Sidel Group will present a number of innovations from its unflagging R&D efforts, which have doubled since 2007. These innovations involve the following competence areas:

– The development of new packages that are innovative in terms of their design, the materials used, their technical and economic performance and their recyclability.

– Blow molds that ensure package quality, integrating technological innovations aimed at accelerating format changeovers, limiting maintenance and enhancing hygiene.

– The development of new blow molding technologies that use less energy.

– ECO Services, a family of services aimed at optimizing the productivity of already installed packaging equipment, helping them reach their full potential while also reducing energy consumption.


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