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Schoeller Arca Systems is manufacturing plastic paletts in the UK

UK Plastic pallet Manufacturing announced by Schoeller Arca Systems. The global market leader in plastic packaging solutions for materials handling, is proud to announce they are manufacturing pallets in the UK.

Plastic pallets are constantly gaining market share due to their outstanding properties in comparison to other materials, such as; excellent hygiene, consistent quality and dimensions, no splintering or nails and no water absorption.

Schoeller Arca Systems has a complete range of plastic pallets including display, lightweight, medium and heavy duty pallets.

The Schoeller Arca Systems management board made the decision to transfer the injection moulding tools as a direct response to customer requests. Nick James, Sales Director at Schoeller Arca Systems Ltd comments, “Plastic pallets are playing a growing role in the supply chain and we believe that they will continue to be an integral part of international logistics as they are exempt from the ISPM15 regulations governing timber pallets. As such producing pallets in the UK was a logical step for us in our growth. I am delighted to be able to show Schoeller Arca Systems continuing commitment to the UK market.”

With the UK head office and warehouse in Abingdon and the worldwide head office in Zwolle, Netherlands Schoeller Arca Systems employs over 1300 people worldwide and has a turnover of €500million. Schoeller Arca Systems standard range of products extends from Prelog foldable small containers and big boxes to Magnum foldable large containers and foldable IBC’s.


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