Fern Plastic Products Selects InetSoft for Their ERP Business Intelligence Solution

InetSoft Technology (www.inetsoft.com), an innovator in data mashup driven dashboard and

reporting solutions, and CampionPPS, a business and systems consultancy focused on optimizing business performance, announced that Fern Plastic Products, a 52-year old injection moulding company, has chosen InetSoft’s business intelligence solution to deliver KPI dashboards and real-time reporting alongside their Baan ERP system.

Previously Fern extracted data used from their Baan ERP system and manually created KPI graphs and matrix style reports. The manual manipulation of data in Excel spreadsheets created a time consuming process that had the potential for inaccuracies in the presentation of the data. CampionPPS are InetSoft’s UK strategic partners, and they helped Fern implement Style Intelligence to mashup data from their Baan ERP system and other operational data sources enabling interactive dashboarding, analysis and reporting functionality. Operational reports are now automatically sent to each manager on a daily basis. Month-end reporting processes have been automated, and data governance has been greatly improved.

“We are delighted with the results we’re getting out of InetSoft’s Style Intelligence – real-time, instant access and visibility, 24/7,” stated Gavin Harper, Production Director at Fern Plastic Products. “The process of generating the management information pack was taking us as a team on average 6 hours a week to generate the various elements to the pack. So that’s valuable time we’ve got back now. And we can see our KPIs whenever we need to now – this was only available and up to date once a week beforehand.”

“Helping Fern create a robust BI platform that generates more value out of their Baan ERP system was a gratifying application of our domain expertise with manufacturers and the flexible, easy-to-use BI toolset that our partner, InetSoft, offers,” commented Steve Wilson, Managing Director at CampionPPS. “This kind of repeatable BI solution for Baan overcomes the limited information access capabilities of a very popular ERP application and yields tangible time and manpower savings.”

Mark Flaherty, Chief Marketing Officer at InetSoft, notes how well equipped Style Intelligence is to meet Fern’s specific needs: “Most enterprise resource planning applications, like Baan, are very good at managing processes, but they often suffer from two major problems: inadequate reporting and silo-ing of data. Style Intelligence solves both of these problems with its data mashup engine which enables live connections to multiple operational data sources, including many traditionally closed ones like Baan or SAP, so that organizations can quickly create dashboards and reports that offer a unified view of corporate performance. CampionPPS knows our BI software well and has again demonstrated their expertise in performance management and project management with this highly productive deployment.”

Style Intelligence is a full-featured business intelligence solution that is 100% Java at the server level and HTML, JavaScript, and Flash at the client level, which combined with its SOA architecture and open standards-based technology, makes for an ideal embedding and integration-ready application for dashboards and visualization. End-users get visually compelling, highly interactive access to data, and solution providers get a highly customizable, quick to learn and quick to deploy business intelligence toolset and information delivery platform. To view a Flash demo, live interactive examples, or read customer reviews of InetSoft’s advanced commercial business intelligence software.


Source : www.sfgate.com