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Saskatchewan recycling project targets agricultural plastic

The Saskatchewan government is introducing a new one-year $200,000 recycling program for plastic grain bags.

Designed to target farmers and ranchers, the plan is to recycle up to 2,000 tons of agricultural plastic, including grain bags and twine. Six depots will be set up around the province by July 2011, with the locations yet to be determined

The plastics collected at the pilot project sites will be shipped to Calgary for recycling.

“Grain bags are becoming an increasingly popular method of grain storage for Saskatchewan farmers,” said Saskatchewan Agricultural Minister Bob Bjornerud. “These pilot projects will help to address the challenge of disposing these grain bags in an environmentally responsible method.”

According to a government estimate, about 15,000 grain bags are used to store grain in Saskatchewan every year. Typically, the single-use plastic bags are 150 metres long, three metres in diameter and weigh more than 100 kilograms.

The program will be administered by a non-profit agricultural group, the Provincial Council of Agriculture Development and Diversification Boards. The council is also putting $50,000 into the pilot project.


Source : www.canplastics.com

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