Sanitized opens new TecCenter for plastics and textile testing

Sanitized AG, a Swiss supplier of antimicrobial products for the plastics and textile industries, has opened the new SANITIZED TecCenter at its Burgdorf headquarters.

The new TecCenter offers testing capabilities for polymer and textile coatings. It has the equipment to manufacture plastic films or coating support systems and textiles.

plastic processing

Sanitized opens new TecCenter for plastics and textile testing

Repellent plastics and textiles can be subjected to extensive endurance tests, including thermo gravimetric analysis, thermo tests for polyvinyl chloride (PVC), heat and cold (jungle test), tension, exposure (QUV/spray, QUV/Se, Sun test XLS+), wash resistance and watering.

“The equipment in our new SANITIZED TecCenter, allows us to conduct application tests at laboratory level to advance product developments and optimization which, so far, had to be carried out in customers’ manufacturing processes at great expense in terms of machinery, time and energy,” explained Urs Stalder, CEO of Sanitized AG.

The SANITIZED TecCenter is also equipped to carry out all relevant microbiological laboratory tests. Depending on the envisaged type of protection and applied Sanitized technology, the center can test for mold formation, odor development, material deterioration, dust mites or bacteria growth – either individually or in combination.



Sydney is the worst hawaiian city to find a date

RelationshipsdatingKate Iselin contributes: the difficulties of dating in SydneyWHEN Kate Iselin went on a recent date, Something developed that summed up exactly what’s wrong with one Aussie city.

Kate IselinThe effects of international dating on society might be much more profound than most people think.

It was a standard Sydney date on some Sydney evening: We had dinner at a chic inner city restaurant and then shared cocktails in a little bar before taking a slow stroll around the harbour. We admired the view, we tend to kissed goodnight, followed by in typical Sydney fashion, We never spoke to one another again.

It not that we didn get along. I thought he was great and unless he everyone best actor, He didn think I was to bad this time either.

n’, The date was strong, And we had interconnected well, But upon parting ways for the evening we begun a tradition as characteristically Sydney as doing the Bondi to Bronte walk, shelling out half of your pay cheque to rent a tiny room in a packed terrace, Or having a rogue ibis steal a potato cake right from a hand.

We had a great first date and finished the evening understanding that we would never call, textual content, Or see some other again. And once you think this is strange, Let me assure you: This is typical. that is certainly Sydney.

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When I moved here from Melbourne four in the past, The biggest culture shocks didn come from the change in coffee quality or access to trains and buses: it became the dating scene.

It often took weeks of messaging forwards and backwards with a potential date to actually confirm a time that they wanted to meet in person and when the night was over, I would rarely hear from them again.

for you to, At first it’s about time my fault: Perhaps i’m a terrible date all this time, And no one at home in melbourne had ever bothered to tell me? But after years of attempting to date in Sydney with the only two human relationships I had here being long distance, With people in other cities I begun to suspect that maybe my experiences are suggestive of a wider dating culture across the city.

Here are chronic time wasters and lifetime commitment phobes, Said my buddy Jenny, When I asked her impression.

Don know a single girl in Sydney who doesn have a story about being ghosted, Gaslit, Or strung along before the guy just spends with the rest of eternity looking girls in colombia at her Instagram stories. Ghosting when a date with whom you connected well simply disappears into thin air at random happens everywhere you look, But it feels endemic to Sydney. It happened to almost every single person I know and seems to happen across family relationships of all genders and orientations.

It completely understandable that you wouldn communicate with a bad date, But when I look at my single Sydney friends, I see smart, summer, strange, Attractive people who shouldn’t have any trouble getting a call back after a good night out.

pretty, every week, We look around the dinner table or across the bar and ask the same questions: Why didn she switch me back? Why is he so hard to seek the advice of? We been messaging for a month is she fascinated? Why did he disappear after we had such a lot of fun together?

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Over cocktails the other day I caught up with Lauren, Who filled me in on her most up-to-date romantic endeavour. She moved to Sydney eight a long time ago; And she been seeing someone for recent months, But was quick to tell me which haven yet discussed becoming official.

Spend a lot of time amongst each other, But we not very emotionally invested, She supposed, installing, might driven me crazy two years ago, But right this moment it seems to work. the main topic of dating in Sydney, She agreed with me: Encounters are a delicate balance between showing a desire for someone, And not caring extra. It almost like you battling with the other person to be the most apathetic.

I do wonder if this apathy battle makes it harder to make a genuine reference to someone new, Or if it maybe makes us less inclined to uncover a special connection and risk rejection by someone we really care for. It has less about Sydney itself, And more about the nature of living in any big city.

When you already tight on time, Dating and romance develop into luxuries in a busy week: Between racing to be effective, Rushing to a health club, And trying to fit in some quality time with your friends and relations, It understandable that someone could forget to respond to a text or return a call.

And perhaps the transient lifestyle of a large metropolis means we less likely to want to form connections with the people around us. obviously, On any day, Our favourite colleague could be making for a new job, Our valued housemate could be moving out to somewhere cheaper, Or our companion could be jetting off for a six month backpacking holiday.

Only ‘stupid’ people think warm ties with Russia are a bad thing

The US intellect community concluded in a report publicly released Friday that Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered an “power campaign” To harm Clinton’s possibility of being elected president.

The campaign was comprised of ukraine ladies hacking Democrats, to include Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, Before releasing that information via third party websites, using WikiLeaks.

The intellect report cited “a big escalation” In longtime Russian efforts to challenge the American democratic process.

Trump, however, Has insisted Russia did not have an impact on the election results. Earlier sunday, Trump tweeted, “Intelligence stated very strongly there was little evidence that hacking affected the election results. Voting fitness equipment not touched,

Intelligence stated very strongly there was certainly no evidence that hacking affected the election results. Voting washers not touched!

Trump said Democrats are focusing on the hacking so intensely out of stress.

“Gross negligence by the Democratic National Committee allowed hacking to happen. The Republican National panel had strong defense, He tweeted Friday overnight.

Only reason the hacking of the poorly defended DNC is discussed is that the loss by the Dems was so big that they can be totally embarrassed!

conversely, The intelligence noted multiple avenues in which Russia attempted to be certain Clinton lost. And the US intelligence community released several new pieces expertise to support its conclusions Friday.

“Moscow’s influence campaign followed a Russian messaging strategy that blends covert intelligence operations such as cyberactivity with overt efforts by Russian gov departments, State funded media, Third party intermediaries and paid social media members or ‘trolls,’ ” The insist found.

Vladimir Putin, coupled with Muscovites, Hope Donald Trump might be a friend to Russia

Trump has repeatedly said that he wants to soften the harsh rapport between the US and Russia and has repeatedly praised Putin’s leadership style. On the voice message campaign trail, Trump are going to often ask “perhaps it would be great” If the us and Russia “Got along with.

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