Recycling Technology Zone To Make Debut At CHINAPLAS 2016

CHINAPLAS 2016 will gather over 150 exhibitors to feature recycling solutions covering the entire recycling process, from sorting, shredding and cleaning, to dewatering, drying and pelletizing.

To facilitate buyers to source a full range of recycling technology & a new theme zone – Recycling Technology Zone – will be established for the first time to gather cutting-edge recycling technology under one roof, announced the organizer, Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd.

plastic processing machinery
Recycling Technology Zone to make debut at CHINAPLAS 2016

2015 could be described as a difficult year for Chinese plastics recycling industry, with the recycled plastic materials prices tumbled following the plunge of the crude oil prices.

Additionally, China has launched the “Green Fence” operation which further tightens up the testing standards for imported waste and to ban the import of all waste which may pollute the environment.

On the other hand, the new measures serve a wake-up call for those waste plastics processors, urging them to transform and upgrade themselves to a more automated and energy efficient manufacturing in order to stay in the competition.

Generally, recycling of waste plastics will undergo several steps before ready for use as raw materials, including sorting, shredding, cleaning, dewatering, drying and pelletizing.

Ning Hong Tao, President of Plastics Recycling Committee of China of Plastics Processing Industry Association, pointed out that the development of automatic segregation for mixed plastic waste will be the most important future development for recycling industry in order to solve the problems of traditional segregation methods that overly rely on inefficient manual sorting and chemical separation.

At the Recycling Technology Zone, the Norway-based Tomra Sorting Technology will showcase its AUTOSORT automatic sorting machine, which meets a wide variety of sorting needs including the single stream, packaging, paper, and household waste to sort waste based on the color and material information at the same time.

Shredding is another important process in recycling. Suzhou Dyun Recycling Machinery Co. Ltd. will showcase its DYSSG Pipe Crusher and Shredder Unit at the exhibition. It is able to shred the PE, PP, PVC pipe with diameter of 1,200mm. The length of 3-6m pipe can be shredded directly without cutting.

There are different applications for recycled plastics and wood plastic composite (WPC) is a significant one. Zhangjiagang Lianguan Recycling Science & Technology Co., Ltd. will showcase a waste material tray production line which employs a new process that combines co-extrusion and press molding for making WPCs.

CHINAPLAS 2016 will be held from April 25-28 in Shanghai, China.


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