Quadpack unveils new Soft Body packaging by Yonwoo

Quadpack, an independent packaging group in Europe and sole distributor of Korea-based

cosmetic company Yonwoo, unveiled on July 26 the latest Soft Body container range created by the latter.

Quadpack presented the Soft Body range, featuring rounded feminine curves for a sophisticated, elegant look. Comprising an airless pump, a dip-tube lotion pack and an airless and standard tube, Soft Body is suitable for cosmetics and skincare treatments that require a premium feel.

The Soft Body 50 ml airless pack has dual structure: the PETG outer bottle brings extra resistance and transparency, while the PP inner bottle offers excellent compatibility. Airless technology ensures a precise dosage of 0.20cc with each actuation, while protecting the formula from external contamination, according to the press release.

The Soft Body 130 ml dip tube lotion pack has a single PETG wall and the same soft lines as the airless pump.

The airless tube is 35 mm in diameter, with a fill size of 35-90ml. It is available in polyethylene (mono-layer or co-ex) or Luxefoil, for formulas requiring enhanced barrier properties. The standard tube is 30mm in diameter, with a fill size of 20-70ml, and is also available in PE or Luxefoil. Both tubes feature the range’s signature rounded silhouette.

The Soft Body packs can achieve most brand requirements thanks to a wide range of decoration options. A 50ml PP jar and a 50ml airless jar will become available later this year.


Source : www.adsalecprj.com