Purging compound cleans machines faster and better – more efficiently, compared to the traditional cleaning methods such as purging with virgin resin or regrind  It is specifically formulated for cleaning purposes while virgin resin or regrind does not have the detergency and cleaning power.

  • Cleaning Screws and Barrels: Provides more thorough cleaning.
  • Color and Material Changes:  Provides faster changeovers than using the traditional method of  running hundreds of pounds of virgin resin or regrind through the injection molding machines or extruders to purge out the previous color or material.
  • Removal of Carbon and Color Deposits: Removes stubborn deposits that ordinary processing resins cannot remove.
  • Prevent Unnecessary Screw-pulls: Reduce the time and effort required to overhaul the machine manually to clean.

    Hot Runner Cleaning: There are several brands of purging compound that can be used for hot runner cleaning. (*Consult the manufacturer if the product is suitable for cleaning hot runner mold before trying since each brand is different and it may not be recommended for cleaning hot runner mold.)

Use of purging compound has become an integral part of the thermoplastics processing in the increasingly competitive environment. Efficiency in production and cost reduction is norms for plastics processors.  Many machinery makers also recommend purging compound to their customers to help maintain injection molding machines and extruders in top-notch conditions.

Benefits of Using Purging Compound:

  • Facilitate Material and Color Changeovers in Less Time
  • Reduced Downtime
  • Fewer Rejects
  • Less Material Waste

Resource: https://www.ptonline.com/knowledgecenter/purging_compound/purging-compound-basics/what-is-purging-compound

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