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Profile of the Plastic Resins and Man-made Fibers Industry

Printed copies of this document are available free of charge from EPA’s document warehouse, the National Service Center for Environmental Publications. Be sure to search by the EXACT title or EPA publication number. In addition, you can order a set of Notebooks, which profiles numerous industries and government operations, see Obtaining Copies for more information. Once documents are out of stock they will not appear in the data system and cannot be back ordered.

For details about the Sector Notebook Project and a complete list of all the industries and governments profiles, visit the Sector Notebook Web page.

Downloadable Files-

  • :Entire Document (PDF) (190 pp, 922K)
  • First Section (PDF) (72 pp, 477K)
    • Table of Contents
    • Chapter I – Introduction to the Sector Notebook Project
    • Chapter II – Introduction to the Industry
    • Chapter III – Industrial Process Description
  • Second Section (PDF) (66 pp, 292K)
    • Chapter IV – Chemical Release and Transfer Profile
    • Chapter V – Pollution Prevention Opportunities
  • Third Section (PDF) (54 pp, 239K)
    • Chapter VI – Summary of Applicable Federal Statutes and Regulations
    • Chapter VII – Compliance and Enforcement Profile
    • Chapter VIII – Compliance Activities and Initiatives
    • Chapter IX – Contacts/Acknowledgments/References

Find updated data on this industry in the Sector Notebooks Data Refresh, which allows users to select an industry sector in order to obtain the most current emissions data from the Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) and compliance and enforcement data.

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