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Processing “Genies” make bottle users’ wishes come true

Plastics processors sometimes get a chance to brag about their recent projects. This week three shared with us what they have been

doing to help their customers improve their blow-molded packaging.

RPC Kutenholz, for instance, part of European rigid plastics packaging processor RPC Group (London, England), developed a new barrier bottle for German food processor Kühne which has enabled that company to dispense with preservatives in its Deluxe barbecue sauces

For the BBQ sauces, RPC Kutenholz developed a multilayer, highly transparent polypropylene bottle. The PP barrier bottles complement the existing black-colored 250 ml PET bottles also blow molded for Kühne barbecue sauces.

In other blowmolded packaging project news, TricorBraun, one of North America’s largest suppliers of bottles, jars and rigid packaging, is now supplying Windsor Brands and its Winnie the Pooh range of natural, infant toiletries with a15-ounce, custom HDPE oval bottle with a pinched waist. The bottle is being used for all of the products in the Winnie the Pooh product range.

Topping the plastics packages are closures and pumps featuring custom colors (yellow, green and lavender) to accent the label design. Disc-type dispensing closures are used on the shampoo while pumps are used for the lotion and wash bottles. In-mold labeling helps reinforce the bottles’ shelf presence.

The line includes nine items: baby shampoo, wash and lotion in three fragrances. New co-branded the Winnie the Pooh line with Daily Renewal, a company it acquired from P&G in 2009.

Plastics closure molder Bericap, meanwhile, has given Spanish water bottler Aguas de Mondariz another reason to brag about its new packaging. The bottler in 1998 left PVC for PET and has been injection molding its own preforms since then too.

Preform redesign efforts during the past10 years have helped the company reduce their weight by 10%. As a next step in light weighting the package, the neck was converted to a 29/25-bottle neck, leading to about 40% weight savings in the neck.

Now, the water bottler has moved to Bericap’s HexaLite 29/11 closures. Last year it converted two of its filling lines to use these, and then this year transitioned the third to the new closure size.

The HexaLite 29/11 closure is designed with a slit and folded safety band, providing good anti-counterfeiting feature as well as a good seal.

Agues de Mondariz has gone so far as to highlight its use of the new closures to consumers as part of its marketing campaigns in magazines and newspapers. The easy opening of the HexaLite closures was an improvement versus the previous closure and was promoted on the company’s shrink film / on-pack promotion on the 1,5l bottle with the words, “Now, a new and environmental friendly closure, easier to open.”


Source : www.plasticstoday.com

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