Plazology first UK company to achieve Moldex3D Expert Accreditation

The only UK Company and one of merely a handful worldwide, Plazology earned the professional qualification through rigorous technical, written and practical examinations.

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Plazology first UK company to achieve Moldex3D Expert Accreditation

Moldex3D is computer aided plastics simulation software designed to assist customers with the journey of a product from design through development and into production. It can shorten a product’s time to market and maximise the product return on investment, by ensuring consistent, high quality parts, an optimised process, faster production roll-out and cost reductions.

The company is now also able to simulate Mucell technology, providing customers with analysis on lightweight parts, shorter cycle times and reduction in warpage.

In-depth knowledge

Plazology is renowned for its in-depth knowledge of polymer physics, computational fluid dynamics, as well as the company’s many years’ experience in plastic injection moulding.

“This qualification takes Plazology to an advanced level of plastic simulation. In recent months we have been investing heavily in improving and updating our capabilities, including the launch of our Virtual Moulding Design Analysis (VDMA) service,” explained Plazology’s Jasmin Wong.

“Virtual Moulding Design Analysis enables designers and manufacturers to design, visualise and simulate products, from the conceptual design phase, right through to manufacture, reducing the need for costly physical prototypes.”

She continued: “The key to effective use of simulation software is to bridge mathematical calculations (i.e. Simulation) with the actual events on the moulding shop floor. It is essential to ask the right questions and as a result input realistic information in order to obtain accurate and reliable results.”

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