The PETsleeve, founded on TPE-G and -S films, has just been ratified by four leading waste collection and recycling companies: Cleanaway in the UK, Unisort in Germany, Returpack in Sweden and Visy in Australia.

As said, real-life trials carried out on standard bottles for fizzy and pasteurised drinks in the recycling circuits of these four countries showed that, thanks to a density lower than 1 (compared to an average of 1.3 for PET), the PETsleeve, whether used totally or partially, comes off automatically and completely from the container by gravitation, making it possible to recuperate a 100% recyclable PET resin which can be used to manufacture new bottles of identical quality.

PETsleeve is today the only PET decorative solution in the world whose recylcability has been ratified. On the basis of this approval which is valid for all its markets, the group is delighted to highlight three outstanding applications of this solution: Coca Cola’s energy drink, Aquarius, in Belgium (2005 Packaging Oscar), Festis for Carlsberg in Sweden and the fruit juice Fruitval for Andros in France.

Adapted to helio-engraving and UV flexography printing in up to 10 colors on both sides, with low density (solvent free) inks, the PETsleeve can be implemented automatically on steam shrink Powersteam or infrared Powerskinner machines at speeds of between 15,000 and 30,000 bottles/hour.


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