OYSTAR: flexible packaging lines from a single source

OYSTAR, one of the leading providers of packaging solutions, presents flexible, innovative machines for the food, consumer products, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry at PACK EXPO 2012 in Chicago, Illinois. The exhibits cover the whole value chain from primary packaging to end-of-line packaging.

OYSTAR: flexible packaging lines from a single source
OYSTAR: flexible packaging lines from a single source

Stutensee, October 19, 2012. OYSTAR IWK, for example, displays a tube filling and packaging line consisting of the fully automated tube feeder TZ 201 with an output of up to 300 tubes per minute and the filling platform FP 46-2, the latest model from their current machine generation. The FP 46-2 fills and seals up to 220 tubes per minute. Subsequently, the tubes are transferred to the SC 4 cartoner that processes up to 450 cartons per minute.

The packaging line not only packs tubes, but also other products as demonstrated by OYSTAR IWK at PACK EXPO several times a day when a format changeover from tubes to bottles is executed within 5 minutes only. Furthermore, OYSTAR IWK presents the dosing system Rotary Lobe Pump, an independent module that can be combined with any filling machine via plug & play. The usage of a rotary lobe pump unit remarkably reduces setup and cleaning times. This is achieved by using less product contacted surfaces and sealing materials than in a rotary vane piston dosage. In addition, less water is needed for flushing.

A record breaker among the wrapping machines

OYSTAR Benhil uses PACK EXPO 2012 to showcase Multipack 3000, the world´s most flexible single-cell wrapping machine for pasty products with an output of up to 100 packages per minute and format flexibility between 50 and 1000 grams. It can be delivered with a CIP hopper and meets the highest hygienic standards. Moreover, Multipack 3000 is characterized by its excellent filling accuracy and high availability. The machine´s modular construction allows quick changeovers and adjustments, too.

OYSTAR Erca is represented in Chicago with the form/fill/seal machine M-F 14 US. Designed in accordance with 3A standards, the compact FFS machine produces up to 14,000 cups per hour in sizes between 5 and 150 grams and fills diverse products ranging from stirred and set yoghurt, desserts and jelly up to juices and water. Furthermore, M-F 14 US stands out with its ease of use.

OYSTAR Hamba will present the new chainless transport system BK MultiFormat. This drive concept has been developed for the application in new machines as well as upgrade in existing machinery. With this new concept the availability of the machine will be increased considerably. For maintenance and format change less manpower will be required. One person can change the cell plate without tools in less than 15 minutes. The new drive concept is lubrication free and meets the highest hygienic standards.

Changeover without conversion work

OYSTAR North America is also exhibiting several new developments at this year´s PACK EXPO. The Adjustable Pouch King® for example is the first high-speed pouching machine that horizontally forms, fills and seals pouches of virtually any size with an output of up to 500 pouches per minute.

OYSTAR Holmatic Opti-fil® OF-4, a fill and seal machine, enables quick changeovers as well. Made of stainless steel according to 3A sanitary standards, it can process up to 200 cups per minute. Its individually adjustable and compact frame design allows optimal integration into the production lines of OYSTAR´s customers. Furthermore, Opti-fil® OF-4 is equipped with a MAP-System (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) for extended product shelf life.

Flexible secondary packaging

In the secondary packaging division, OYSTAR North America displays two exhibits. First, the new multi-purpose JONES Legacy® 3 cartoner which allows cartoning at speeds up to 400 cartons a minute. Featured upgrades include an ergonomically-designed straight-in, low level carton magazine with comfortable loading height that does not require platforms and reduces the risk of injury.

OYSTAR North America also introduces the new Flexi-Pro Chub Case Loader. It features an OYSTAR A+F TwinLine pick & place unit and can accommodate multiple chub sizes and a wide range of case sizes at speeds up to 150 chubs per minute. It integrates directly with the OYSTAR KartridgPak Chubmaker for a complete turnkey system.

OYSTAR A+F presents the ModuLine Wrap-Around Packer designed for fully automated end-of-line packaging of thermoformed cups. The packer can be connected to a form/fill/seal machine or a wrapping machine and equipped with a six-track walking beam conveyor that processes two rows of six cups each per cycle. A servo handling module picks the twelve cups up with a suction pad, turns them by 90 degrees and places them onto the prepared cardboard, followed by a second layer. Finally, the cardboard is wrapped and sealed around the cups and the package is removed from the machine. Almost 340 cups can be packed into 15 full seal cartons per minute.

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