Novatec introduces PLC control system for centralized conveying systems, makes touchscreen standard

Plastics auxiliary equipment manufacturer Novatec (Baltimore, MD) has begun marketing its new Novatec FXS (FlexXpand) programmable

logic controls (PLC) to help processors keep track of plant-wide operations. In other news from the company, it has made touchscreens the standard interface on every NovaWheel model of resin dryer.

The Novatec FXS PLCs, Siemens-based and with color touch screens, can handle polymer-conveying systems with up to 20 pumps and 120 stations. The base panel controls up to 5 vacuum pumps and 32 material receivers with proportioning capability, and 25 purge valves. An icon-driven graphic display makes for an easy-to-learn user interface.

Ethernet connection capability permits full control access from any remote personal computer. The PLC is also supported by ProfiNet communications for adding more components remotely. Expansion is accomplished via FlexXpand FXMS modules that connect to the main control via ProfiNet communications network. Modules can be positioned to minimize wiring to system components. The modules control additional receivers, pumps, purge valves, or material-selection stations when automatic proofing is desired for selection validation.

Each FXS control includes a three-port Ethernet connection for additional FXS modules or local or remote human-machine interface (HMI) modules. Expansion does not require additional programming.

In other news, Novatec announced it has made color touch screen controls standard on the medium and large models of its NovaWheel brand of resin dryers. Monochrome touch screen controls have been made the standard interface on the smaller NovaWheel dryers with throughout up to 400 lb/hr.

Novatec says it made the improvement without a price increase on any model. Mark Haynie, product manager for Novatec dryers, said, “We have always supplied our medium and large wheel dryers with monochrome touch screens, and customers repeatedly have confirmed their advantages. Now a color touch screen control is standard on dryers from 600 lb/hr through 5000 lb/hr of capacity at no additional charge.”

“We have been advancing steadily toward being the standard touch screen dryer company,” said Conrad Bessemer, Novatec president and CEO. “We believe today’s announcement makes us the only full-line touch screen supplier of dryers.”

Processors who want to learn more about the company’s dryers and their touchscreen controls can watch this video.


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