Davis-Standard launches new ProCone multilayer die

Davis-Standard, a manufacturer and supplier of extrusion and converting machinery for the plastics and rubber industries, recently introduced the ProCone multilayer die to produce blown film structures from five to nine layers.


These dies, engineered to provide high versatility for the production of barrier films, have a stackable mandrel arrangement allowing for vertical movement of mandrels within the die stack. The unique design also allows for angular movement of the mandrels relative to each other, which provides the necessary flexibility to change the layer ratios without needing to change extruder position. This movement enables the modules, consisting of one cone and one ring, to be rotated to share an extruder, or to be uncoupled and moved within the stack for use with another extruder. Additionally, interchangeable modules are of a rate range design and can be exchanged for a higher or lower rate, or switched for special resins as needs require.

“The use of the ProCone for barrier films is targeted to developmental machines and narrow width lines for web widths to 60 inches (1,500mm). The die and extrusion system offer a higher level of versatility for re-arranging layer configurations and ratios than previously achieved with other die systems,” said Rick Keller, vice president of Davis-Standard’s Blown Film Systems. “The ProCone actually allows for the flexibility promised but never achieved by other stackable approaches. This is another example of Davis-Standard’s increasing market presence in seven and nine-layer systems.”

The ProCone is manufactured in sizes ranging from 2 to 12 inches (50 to 300mm). It features a conical design with a binary network for distributing the polymer to the spirals. There is one large hole through the center of the die for IBC (internal bubble cooling) air exchange on 6 to 12-inch (150 to 300mm) diameter dies. Minimal bolts are used between the layers to ensure ease of operation and cleaning.


Source : www.adsalecprj.com