NORNER helps SIBUR with cost savings in Polyolefins

NORNER helps SIBUR with cost savings in Polyolefins

We have the pleasure to inform that SIBUR runs a cost saving initiative for its polyolefin business and has engaged Norner in a joint project to facilitate the achievements.Norner holds global expertise and has comprehensive test facilities within additivation of polymers. Our core competence in polyolefin additivation is now being utilised in a project for cost saving and know how development at SIBUR, the largest integrated petrochemical company in Russia and CIS.

NORNER helps SIBUR with cost savings in Polyolefins
NORNER helps SIBUR with cost savings in Polyolefins

A strong asset of Norner is deep knowledge and long experience in additivation of polymers including supplier contacts and network, performance testing, raw material approvals and purchasing strategy.SIBUR chose Norner to train their organization in additives for polyolefins followed by a program for qualification of additives and suppliers as well as co-development and implementation of new procurement processes.

In this fruitful cooperation with SIBUR, Norner’s experienced employees and scientific laboratories has been utilised during the training which took place both at Norner in Norway and at NIOST, which is SIBUR’s scientific centre in Tomsk, Russia. “The cooperation of NIOST LLC with Norner AS started in 2012. Significant progress has been made with the assistance of highly qualified Norner specialists and we are now at an advanced level within the range of projects. We know Norner AS as a trusted partner and we expect a long term cooperation with Norner,” – says Director for science and technology of NIOST LLC Yury Kazakov

During the last months, our cooperation has involved the following activities:

  • Training in laboratory practices for testing and characterisation
  • Re-engineering of procurement strategies and introduction of cross functional processes
  • Cost-performance optimization of products and simplification of supply chain

This has given the following positive results:

  • NIOST has reached the position to secure qualification of market leading additives to SIBUR
  • Highly efficient and transparent procurement processes for additives securing high quality at the right cost
  • Boost SIBUR knowledge in polyolefin additivation to provide products that exceed client’s expectation and more efficient plant operation

“SIBUR is continuously working to improve the quality of its products to better serve its customers’ needs. We are happy to cooperate with Norner – a recognized leader in polyolefin additivation for polymers. Its wealth of experience and technical expertise in this segment will contribute to further quality improvements of SIBUR’s products.” – Says Kirill Maksimov, procurement director at SIBUR. Based on the positive outcome from the additive project, SIBUR and Norner have discussed innovation projects aiming to further strengthen SIBUR’s position in domestic and export markets

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