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Nissei ASB Co.'s New One-Step Stretch-Blow Machine Delivers Major Productivity Improvements

Atlanta, GA – Nissei ASB Co., the  wholly-owned U.S. subsidiary of Japan’s Nissei ASB Machine Co. Ltd., has launched the ASB-150DPW,

a new one-step stretch-blow molding machine. This new model boasts twice the productivity of the highly successful single-row model for both narrow and wide mouthed, small- to medium-size containers. The new ASB-150DPW has the same footprint as the market-leading ASB-150DP model but features a double-row configuration, doubling the cavitation to a maximum of 36 compared to 18 on the single-row machine.

“Brand owners and packaging companies are demanding sustainability improvements and carbon footprint reductions for products requiring medium- to high-production rates; this new model is perfect for those requirements,” said Jamie Pace, vice president and general manager of Nissei ASB Co. “Our new machine is based on the successful ASB-150DP model and time-proven double-row configuration from previous models which give processors the unique ability to make up to twice the number of bottles in the same machine footprint as before with almost the same energy depending on container size.”

The ASB-150DPW can make containers ranging from 50-ml to 1.5-L at a rate of up to 4050 bottles/hr, depending on design and cavitation. Targeted applications range from small hotel amenity, liquor, and energy-drink containers (50-ml) to wide mouth containers for peanut butter, mayonnaise, and toys. Tooled appropriately, the machine is capable of processing PET, PLA, PC, and rPET in neck sizes up to 94-mm. A special version of the machine fitted with conditioning blow capabilities to process PP for the manufacture of intravenous drip and other medical containers will also be available.

The new ASB-150DPW one-step machine offers major sustainability benefits, reducing the energy cost per container by approximately 40% compared to the company’s single-row ASB-150DP machine. The highly-efficient low-volume hydraulic design features variable displacement hydraulic pumps.

Like all ASB one-step machines, the ASB-150DPW provides the same hygiene (no contamination) and prevents containers from being scratched or smeared during production, unlike two-step machines which require preforms to be cooled and reheated. Since the machine’s design is based on the existing ASB-150DP, almost 70% of the components are the same on both machines. For users who already have ASB-150DP machines, it is possible to reduce maintenance costs by sharing spare parts. The ASB-150DP has received strong acceptance since its introduction in 2003 with approximately 50 units installed in North America alone.

ASB is selling the new one-step machine globally and expects 12 orders in the current fiscal year ending September 2010.

About Nissei ASB Co.
Nissei ASB Co. in Atlanta, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Japan’s Nissei ASB Machine Co. Ltd., based in Nagano Prefecture, is a leading manufacturer of one-step stretch-blow molding machines for the production of PET containers for the food, beverage, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industries. The Atlanta office is responsible for all U.S. & Canadian territories and offers sales and marketing, technical service, spare parts, container design, demonstration machines, and customer training. In addition to the main office and plant in Japan, Nissei has manufacturing in Mumbai, India, and Shanghai, China. The company has 80 installation sites and more than 550 machines installed in the U.S. and Canada. For more information, call (404) 699-7755 or visit


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