New scale ensures fast and compliant tracking and tracing

New scale ensures fast and compliant tracking and tracing
New scale ensures fast and compliant tracking and tracing

Greifensee, Switzerland — 31 January 2013 — For the kind of fast, accurate tracking and tracing that helps enhance compliance with manufacturing industry standards, METTLER TOLEDO is pleased to announce the availability of its new ICS (Industrial Compact Scales) model ICS685. This robust ICS scale offers a variety of printing and labeling options that protects against customer complaints while promoting efficiency. Secure data storage also helps ensure compliance with manufacturing standards such as Odette, Galia, AIAG, and ISO16949.

Printing out data and creating labels with the ICS685 is easy. ICS scales provide predefined templates for printing that can be used right away, but they also let operators define new templates that better meet a manufacturer’s unique processing needs. Printouts can vary in size and form, and can also accommodate complex graphics such as barcodes or logos to help conform to an industry’s standards. ICS685 is compatible with a broad range of METTLER TOLEDO standard printers and third-party printers as well.

ICS scales such as the ICS685 include an embedded article database and transaction memory for all weighing and counting results. The ICS685 also includes an alibi memory that stores weighing data combined with other useful data such as processing date and time. A calibration log file stores calibration data to help demonstrate accurate weighing during audit. All these different memories included standard in ICS scales allow central data storage in the scale itself. Easy data transfer via import/export with a USB memory stick or Ethernet connection also allow easy data analysis.

To further enhance data management, a range of database software can be added to centrally host scale-embedded databases from multiple scales. This allows the monitoring of weighing data via PC, where it can easily be imported into an Excel file for detailed analysis. Not only do you gain straightforward monitoring; central database management avoids unnecessary duplication of effort and maintenance of independent databases, saving time and money.

ICS685 interface options make it easy to integrate these scales with existing IT systems, as second scales or peripherals such as barcode/RFID scanners, external keyboards, light alarms and printers at any point along a production line. Data can be transferred automatically for ongoing analysis. Operators can watch for the kinds of trends that allow them to make corrections in production processes quickly, allowing them to tighten margins without sacrificing quality — the ultimate dual goals of efficient, intuitive data handling in any manufacturing environment.

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