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New Lavergne Website Highlights Success with HP’s Plastic Recycling Program

The Lavergne Group has launched its new website. The dramatically redesigned site embodies the forward–thinking vision of the company and its commitment to recycling plastics and green manufacturing. The new website offers:

* Improved navigation, design, and search.
* Fresh, relevant content about “closed loop” plastic recycling.
* A blog that will highlight industry and plastic recycling trends.
* A Lavergne Facebook profile was added featuring a custom landing page. Integration with other social media including Twitter and YouTube will be rolled out in the near future.

The site’s homepage welcomes visitors with bold new colors and moving images with featured content centered on Lavergne’s core competencies, success stories, and innovative solutions. Thanks to the company’s partnership with HP and its ink cartridge recycling program, Lavergne is featured regularly in the news and press releases. The new site includes an archive of past articles, podcasts, and videos and will feature new releases as they are published.

“With a rapidly changing environment, the introduction of many new services, and the availability of new web technology, it was time for a comprehensive restructuring of Lavergne’s online window to our company,” said Lavergne CEO Jean-Luc Lavergne. “The new Lavergne website is easier to use, reflects our leadership in plastic recycling, and provides increased ability to stay connected with customers, green advocates, and the media. It will greatly enhance our exposure and the ability of customers and the community at large to connect with us. I am immensely proud of it.”

The Closed Loop Process

The “closed loop” manufacturing process, developed in partnership with HP uses recycled plastics, including ink cartridges and plastic water bottles, in Original HP ink cartridges to deliver an estimated 22 percent reduction in carbon footprint and a 69 percent reduction in total water use when compared with using virgin plastics in the manufacture of 1 billion Original HP ink cartridges. The plastic recycling process is the industry’s first and only “closed loop” ink cartridge recycling process. Closed loop means the plastic lives again as new cartridges.

Recycling efforts by customers, Lavergne Group, and HP have kept approximately 1.3 billion plastic bottles and 160 million HP ink cartridges out of landfills.

About The Lavergne Group

Lavergne Group is an environmental leader in the plastic resins industry. Lavergne focuses on producing high quality engineered resins from post consumer and post industrial recyclable material. Its goal is to work with our customers to not only provide reliable, high quality material at competitive prices, but to also create an environmentally conscious driven, closed loop system. The Lavergne Group takes undervalued scrap, returned expired goods, or damaged product into its manufacturing process and produces a resin robust enough to be molded back into the original end product, or up-cycled into a value added product. Lavergne products are utilized throughout the world in markets such as office equipment, transportation, electronics, appliances, and consumer goods.


Source : www.prweb.com

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