New design for nutrients: Doppelherz sparkles with effervescent IML packaging from Sanner

Bensheim/Flensburg, Germany, July 5, 2017 – Food supplements are in
vogue, especially effervescent tablets with vitamins and minerals. However,
their practical packaging usually lacks an exciting design. To increase
attention at point-of-sale for their “Doppelherz” effervescent tablets,
Queisser Pharma now relies on the IML Brilliance®
tubes from Sanner.
Combined with the proven desiccant closures, the manufacturer receives a
user-friendly and attractive all-in-one solution.
In the highly competitive market for food supplements, effervescent tablets in
tubes are considered one of the most effective and reliable dosage forms. In
contrast to other packaging types, tubes do not crack or bend. The tablets cannot
crumble; they are protected from light and moisture and have a long shelf life.
The dietary supplements producer Queisser also relies on these advantages for
the successful Doppelherz vitamins and minerals. Since the beginning of this
year, customers receive an even more consumer-friendly and attractive
packaging thanks to the Sanner Brilliance®
Holistic concept from a single source
Queisser supplies customers in Europe, Russia and Asia with effervescent
tablets. The company has been using the proven and tested desiccant closures
from Sanner for more than 15 years. Last year, they decided to switch to in-moldlabeling
technology to achieve higher quality printing result and, above all, an
improved readability for consumers. “With the Sanner Brilliance®
tubes, we offer
our customers a high-end product in high-quality packaging,” says Jürgen
Hennings, Product Manager Marketing at Queisser Pharma. “The brilliant printing
results increase the readability of the printed information, while providing a high
quality impression and more attention at point-of-sale.”
But these were not the only requirements: Queisser also needed a different tube
length for the Doppelherz effervescent tablets. “Sanner was the only supplier
able to promptly produce the according tube length with IML technology,”
Hennings explains. Instead of the conventional 144 millimeters, the Doppelherz
tubes are 165 millimeters long. Sanner developed a new IML-capable tool
specifically for the production of these tubes. “The combination of flexibility,
quality and trust, together with the well-known desiccant closures were
determining factors for our decision,” says Hennings. The company now receives
a holistic effervescent packaging solution from a single source.
Flexible packaging with brilliant design
Compared to conventional tubes printed with offset technology, IML tubes offer
higher-quality, photorealistic printing with different surface structures. Up to eight
colors and real metallic effects are possible. The good readability of the label,
even for smaller font sizes, provides more space for product information, while
the impact- and scratch-resistant decor ensures long durability.
The packaging can also be upgraded with additional features: consumers receive
more detailed information via QR codes with just one click, while peel-off labels
can be used as an additional information booklet. This way, customers get an
attractive packaging with all the information they require in a small space – and
manufacturers can increase brand loyalty thanks to a high-quality appearance
and exceptional user-friendliness.
Images and captions
 Sanner_Doppelherz.jpg: Queisser Pharma uses Brilliance®
tubes and the welltried
desiccant closures from Sanner for their Doppelherz effervescent tablets
Sanner profile
Based in Bensheim, Germany, Sanner GmbH was founded in 1894 and is now in its
fourth generation as a family-owned enterprise. Sanner develops and produces highquality
plastic packaging and components for pharmaceutical, medical and healthcare
products. The world’s leading manufacturer of desiccant caps, Sanner produces two
billion plastic parts each year for standard and customized packaging solutions. With 500
employees in Germany, China, Indonesia, India, Hungary and the U.S., the company
generated annual sales of 63.7 million Euros in 2016. Further information on Sanner is
available on the Internet: