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Netstal demonstrates thin-walled production at Plastpol

The application from the thin-wall sector on an ELION 1200-530 enables Netstal, a Swiss injection molding machine maker, to demonstrate the high efficiency of this all-electric range of machines. Netstal will exhibit the technology at Plastpol, the plastics trade fair to be held in Kielce, Poland, from May 26 to 29.

The molded article produced at the fair is a drinking cup made at an impressive cycle of less than 3 seconds using a 2-cavity mold of the French company Caulonque. By means of IML (In-Mold-Labelling) the packaging product of a polypropylene of Messrs Lyondellbasel is also provided with a label during the molding process. Inserting of the labels and subsequent removal of the finished products are accomplished by a handling unit of the Ilsemann company of Germany. Raw material feeding is ensured by devices of Messrs Moretto of Italy while the chiller is made available by Greenbox, also of Italy.

The all-electric ELION molding machine is Netstal’s competent answer to the processors’ increasing calls for lower noise and other emissions as well as energy savings.

The processor benefits from the ELION’s reduced energy consumption. Braking energies are returned to the power circuit and supplied to other users thanks to the application of the regenerative principle. Efficiently used, this permits to save up to 70% energy compared with conventional systems.

Source: plastics.2456.com

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