Multi-market demand spurs Plastic Molding Technology investments in equipment

Plastic Molding Technology Inc. (PMT; El Paso, TX) announced new investments to expand the company’s molding capacity and capabilities. PMT’s investments include a new all-electric injection molding machine, along with a crane system and auxiliary equipment, to support new projects and an expansion of growth in key market segments. The machinery and auxiliary equipment investments were made as part of a $1.5 million facility-wide improvement project planned through 2017.

Injection Moulding Machine
Multi-market demand spurs Plastic Molding Technology investments in equipment

Representing a move into a new tonnage range, PMT installed a 500-ton Toyo Si-500-6, which is currently the largest press at PMT. The Toyo has an integrated touch screen programmable logic control system, and is outfitted with 3-axis robotics and a NovaTech dryer system. To support this larger tonnage press, PMT also invested in a 5-ton overhead crane system, installed to ensure safer and faster mold changeovers. With a lift capacity of up to 10,000 pounds, the crane system is the largest yet, and will support the 500-ton press as well as two existing 390-ton machines. The 500-ton press will support new projects with a current automotive customer, while growing PMT’s business offerings in molding larger parts for both new and existing customers.

PMT also invested in two 200-ton EC200SXV50-8s from Toshiba Machine. The twin presses free up capacity for molding demand in this popular tonnage range, and give PMT a boost of efficiency for technical molding applications. Both presses were outfitted with new auxiliary equipment, including NovaTech NovaWheel desiccant dryers and custom 3-axis robotic cells, according to PMT’s information.

“As we continue to see growth with some of our key customers in molding larger, highly technical plastic parts, PMT maintains our commitment to continuous improvement,” said PMT CEO Charles A. Sholtis. “It’s important to evolve with our customers’ needs by continually upgrading our plant floor and equipment—replacing machinery with more energy-efficient models, ensuring all areas conform to 5-S standards and using our cutting-edge software system.”

PMT’s machinery repertoire previously focused on smaller-tonnage presses, more than 60% of which historically are under 110 tons. The addition of the 500-ton press gives PMT increased flexibility in the size of parts produced at the facility.

PMT operates on a 24/7 schedule, running 59 injection molding machines ranging from 40 to 500 tons, producing more than 150 million parts annually. More than half of all presses are now efficient all-electric models.



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