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More productivity and quality – fewer rejects

More productivity and quality

On October 25 at Design Center Linz, Greiner Extrusion presented the future of profile extrusion.

More productivity and quality
More productivity and quality

On October 25, 2012, Design Center Linz was the venue for the presentation of the new RED-LINE tooling and machinery system. The new system impresses with a multitude of extraordinary features resulting in substantial savings in material and energy. The RED.LINE systems consists of RED.

LINE (machinery) and RED.TOOLING (tool) and has gained wide attention as a result of its excellent quality and high rentability. “Our customers are surprised how well high complex technical demands go with rentability,” said Michael Schleiss, CEO of Greiner Tool.Tec during the presentation of the new systems on October 25 at Design Center Linz.

Nussbach, 29 October 2012 – With its RED.LINE system, Greiner Extrusion is launching a new generation of tooling and machinery. RED.LINE and RED.TOOLING are raising the quality of profile extrusion to a new level, making it more profitable for an extrusion company. Approximately 160 visitors who attended the presentation of this innovative system on October 25 were witness to this convincing new concept themselves at Design Center Linz. Using its know-how from over 30 years of experience in profile extrusion, calling upon the knowledge and skill of one of the largest research & development departments in the branch, Greiner Extrusion now offers its customers a clear competitive edge in product quality, process stability, and production capacity.

Innovative and eco-friendly
RED.TOOLING increases product quality and reduces the number of reject units at the same time. Using Flow.Control, the profile sections are slowed down or accelerated – variably and precisely, with hot or cold air. The PDC tank improves profile quality, and additionally scores with less time needed for cleaning processes and retrofitting, thus minimizing possible sources of errors. The vacuum tank is nearly noiseless, highly transparent and virtually unbreakable. It reduces water consumption by up to 50%, and significantly reduces energy costs due to GESS (Greiner Energy Saving System).

Material and energy savings
The RED.LINE system provides for maximum possible savings in terms of energy and water consumption, whilst securing process reliability and improved handling at the same time. RED.LINE – the extrusion downstream unit – is composed of the RED.CAL calibration table and the RED.COM haul-off combination unit. A multitude of excellent features provide for the highest extrusion performance. Using GESS, more than 80 percent of energy are saved, and the noise level is reduced by half. Due to the closed water circuit, water is conserved, and the output is increased. An automatic backwash filter system filters the cooling water, and the filter itself is automatically cleaned during the production process. The PLC control system allows for centralized operating data logging, monitoring and evaluation. It can be connected to the corporate network on demand, and is operated via a touch panel.

Corporate Data
Greiner Extrusion is a subsidiary of Greiner Tool.Tec, and an integral part of Greiner Group. During the past 30 years, consistency and innovative thinking have made Greiner Extrusion the worldwide leader in toolings and machinery for plastic profile extrusion, and in designing complete manufacturing facilities for the production of plastic window profiles. Most major window profile extruders utilize toolings from Greiner Extrusion for their production. Greiner Tool.Tec is based at Nussbach, Upper Austria, and has 14 locations throughout the world. In 2011, the company achieved an annual sales volume of €74 million with a workforce of 819 employees.

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