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MGB Plastics increases bin manufacturing capacity

Bin manufacturer MGB Plastics is now able to produce 15-20% more bins at its Rotherham

factory following a ‘six-figure’ investment in new machinery.

The company has bought its second tool to produce 240 litre wheeled bins as well as a tool to produce 180 litre wheeled bins. The tools are used to mould the bins into shape and were custom-built for MGB by a company in Italy.

MGB hopes the investment will enable it to access a larger share of the wheeled bin market.

Conor Sugrue, general manager at MGB Plastics, said: “This investment will help us to fulfil the requirements of our existing clients while giving us that extra production capacity to cope with extra demand. It will allow us to be more reactive to customer requirements and deliver a unique service without compromising on quality.”

Last year, MGB Plastics invested in a 2350T Husky injection-moulding machine, which gave it one of the largest selections of large tonnage injection moulding machines in the UK.

This increased the manufacturing capacity of its 5,000 sq m factory on Barbot Hall Industrial Estate in Rotherham to 1.5 million bins a year.

MGB Plastics launched a new 240 litre wheeled bin last year alongside a new range of kitchen caddies.  Last month, it unveiled a new 180 litre wheelie bin.

In May, MGB started a roll-out of 45,000 of the new 240 litre bins direct to homeowners in the north west after winning a contract to supply Cheshire East council (see letsrecycle.com story). The company also supplied 25,000 of its 240 litre bins to Cheltenham borough council as part of a new waste collection scheme.

Over the next few months, a spokesman said the company would have five to six roll-outs to complete for local authorities. He added: “We will be supplying over one million bins this year.”

Looking to the future, the company said that it believed food waste caddies would be a growth area for the company alongside smaller residual waste bins.

The spokesman said: “We believe that the local authorities are increasingly looking to switch their residual bin requirement to a 180L size to further encourage households to recycle more and we launched this new product last month. “


Source : www.letsrecycle.com

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