Maag Automatik brings latest pump, filtration and pelletizing technology to Plast Eurasia Istanbul

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Maag Automatik will demonstrate its pumps, filtration and pelletizing technology at Plast Eurasia Istanbul 2015, taking place from December 3-6 in Turkey.

A highlight of Maag is its new generation 6 extrex pump, which can run at higher speeds without increased product temperature, due to its tremendous improvement in volumetric efficiency.

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Maag to highlight improved version of SPHERO underwater pelletizing system at CHINAPLAS 2015

In addition, the pressure building capability is vastly improved even at lower speed, increasing the minimum to maximum production rate window, said Maag, offering up to 50 % higher flow rate on comparable products.

A complete system will also be shown at the show, where the extrex 90 extrusion pump from Maag Pump Systems can be seen feeding melt to the CSC 116-RS screen changer with arched cavities and from there the melt is fed to the SPHERO S 100.

Combining high efficiency and low energy consumption, the company stated that optimized flow channels, good self-cleaning properties and durability are the hallmarks of the pump.

Meanwhile, the CSC 116-RS screen changer with arched cavities allows the screen surface area to be enlarged up to four times compared with conventional designs.

The newly-designed underwater pelletizing system Sphero S 100 is suited for masterbatches, compounding and recycling applications with throughputs between 700-3,000kg/h. A variety of upgrades are being added, for example, new pneumatic diverter valves that optimize the flow channel and ease the cleaning of the cutting chamber.

Also appearing at the show will be the PRIMO 200E from automatik pelletizing systems, which is particularly suitable for the compounding of thermoplastics and the production of masterbatches up to a line throughput of 1.5t/h.

PRIMO 200E is a single-side mounted dry-cut strand pelletizer with an extra-large cutting width of 200mm. Its unique cutting geometry – with reportedly the shortest, unguided length between the feed rollers and cut – permits optimal straight cutting of both hard, abrasive and very soft, flexible plastic strands.

The pellet dimensions can be changed very quickly thanks to an optional, automatic pellet length adjustment system.