KraussMaffei, a global plastics machinery supplier, is taking one of its AX production cells on tour in Germany and six other European countries, including the UK, Spain and Turkey.

Between late June and mid-November 2009 live demonstrations will showcase a complete injection molding solution and its capacity to sharply reduce unit manufacturing cost. The compact production cell integrates an all-electric AX injection molding machine and an LRX linear robot. In addition to production demonstrations, there will be a number of interesting talks by KraussMaffei experts on implementing efficient production solutions.

Better energy efficiency, higher repeatability, shorter cycle times and a smaller machine footprint – these are some of the levers KraussMaffei utilizes to cut unit manufacturing costs in routine operation. All-electric AX machines reduce power consumption – usually by more than 50%, often by as much as 60%. They also consume up to 70% less water than comparable hydraulic machines. Highly dynamic drive technology and servomotors cut cycle time. They boost repeatability, thanks to precision movement control. Total cost of ownership is also improved by the 25% smaller footprint of the production cell (including robot and safety housing). The AX series will eventually cover the range from 50 to 3500 tons. It’s targeted at standard applications, for example, in the automotive, electronics and life sciences industries.

During the demonstrations, the KraussMaffei AX 100-380 will be producing covers for mobile phones at a cycle speed of 8.5 seconds. With its integrated robot and compact dimensions this is an innovative production cell. Completing the demonstrations will be a programme of talks on the advantages of electric injection molding machines, their potential applications and the prospects for optimizing energy efficiency.

The KraussMaffei roadshow will give processors in Germany and other European countries the opportunity to find out more about the prospect of immediate efficiency gains, but without travelling far or losing a lot of time. Starting with several events in Germany, KraussMaffei plans to take the AX roadshow on the road until November 2009 with scheduled stops in France, England, Ireland, Spain, the Netherlands and Turkey.



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