Anaglyph have been developing composites design, analysis and manufacture solutions for over 15 years. Their products are applicable to a wide range of sectors such as Aeronautics, Automotive, Sports and Leisure, Marine, etc.


At the JEC this year, Anaglyph will be exhibiting their composites design and analysis software tools: LAP, CoDA and LAMINATE TOOLS, as well as their PlyMatch technology for ply placement.

Laminate Tools addresses the entire Geometry (CAD surface import), Design (draping simulation), FEA (pre- and post-processing) and Manufacture (ply-book preparation) sequence of design work. Laminate Tools interfaces with most industry standards, both CAD and FEA. LAP (Laminate Analysis Program) analyses any type of composite laminate subjected to in-plane loads and moments.Typically, the software is used in preliminary design for tailoring a stacking sequence and optimising the design by inspecting the laminate behaviour layer by layer. Finally, CoDA (Component Design Analysis) deals with preliminary analysis of sub-components with Plate, Beam, Joint, Flange or Laminate geometries.

As a natural extension to the software products, and based on their customers need for accuracy in composites manufacturing, Anaglyph developed PLYMATCH™, an innovative visual technology for hand lay-up composites manufacturing and repair. Easy to use, compact and mobile, PlyMatch is an alternative, or a complement, to existing ply-placement methods. It is ideal for complex, highly curved parts, or those including cavities. The upgraded PlyMatch 2014 offers improved accuracy, deviation measurement features and even better ease of use for the operator. Visitors will be able to try PlyMatch on moulds lent by users in automotive and aerospace.

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