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Japan's Teijin to build pilot plant for manufacture of carbon fibre composites

Japanese chemical supplier Teijin Ltd. has announced plans to establish the world’s first pilot plant for fully integrated production of carbon

fibre reinforced thermoplastic (CFRTP) components.

The new plant, to be built on the premises of its Matsuyama Factory in Ehime Prefecture, Japan, is designed to enable Teijin to further accelerate its commercialization of CFRTP components for mass-produced automobiles and other industrial uses. According to a Teijin press release, capital expenditure for the establishment of the pilot plant will total over two billion yen (Cdn$26 million).

“Teijin’s proprietary mass production technology for CFRTP enables the integrated production of carbon fibre to composite products within one minute, the ideal tact time required by automakers for mass-produced vehicles,” the statement said. The technology also promises to achieve “revolutionary” weight-reduction levels in auto parts and other carbon fibre components, Teijin added.

The company says construction of the new plant will begin shortly, with operations expected to commence in mid 2012.


Source : www.canplastics.com

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