Jamestown Plastics (Brocton, NJ) is adding equipment at its two manufacturing facilities in Brocton and Brownsville, TX. The custom manufacturer of thermoformed products had added a 3-by-4-ft single-station thermoformer in Brownsville,

and will soon add a 5-by-7 ft rotary thermoforming press at Brocton. The company forecasts that the six-figure expansion effort will create an undisclosed number of jobs in this year’s fourth quarter.
The family-owned firm offers Class 10,000 cleanrooms at both facilities for the manufacture of plastic products, including for the healthcare and pharmaceutical markets.

A used thermoforming unit at the Texas facility is customized to solve a customer’s problem. “We took an innovative approach (where) our engineers developed a new product to replace our customer’s existing product, and this solution fueled the need for adding the single-station thermoformer, which should increase our capacity by 15%,” says president Jay Baker.

The rotary press will support existing product lines and bolster plant capacity 25%.

Jamestown Plastics is expanding despite the economic environment, as a financially conservative company that delivers quality products with an on-time delivery rate of 98%-plus, Baker says.

“The current economic downturn has resulted in a great deal of quality used equipment being available on the market. We are seeing opportunities right now that are unique to the current situation. Stable companies like ours are adding used equipment now because those deals probably won’t exist a year from now,” Baker says.


Source : www.pmpnews.com

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