Injection Molding: New Robot & Servo Picker at K 2016

A four-axis SCARA type and a versatile picker join Engel’s line.

Engel Austria (U.S. office in York, Pa.) is expanding its robot line at the upcoming K 2016 show in Dusseldorf in October. One new entry is an addition to the easix line, which currently consists of six-axis articulated-arm robots. For pick-and place, stacking, and palletizing applications, a new four-axis SCARAversion (below left) offers much higher speed at lower cost. Based on Staubli technology, the SCARA robots can be fully integrated into the CC300 injection machine controller.

Injection Moulding Machine
Ijnection Molding: New Robot & Servo Picker at K 2016

Second, a new servo sprue picker is based on the technology of the e-pic pick-and-place model introduced at Fakuma 2014 and shown at NPE2015 (see Dec. ’14 Close Up and Feb. ’15 Keeping Up), but with one fewer axis. For maximum speed, compactness, and energy efficiency, the new picker combines a linear vertical axis with a vertical swivel arm. Unlike the earlier e-pic, it has no horizontal linear axis; instead it can rotate up to 110° on its pedestal. Like the e-pic, the swivel arm is made of lightweight composite.

The new picker can handle payloads up to 2.2 lb and is designed for presses of 60 to 220 metric tons. It uses the same R16 control as the e-pic or can be integrated into the CC300 machine control. The standard control interface is said to be compatible with every injection machine on the market.

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