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IGH Solutions – Turning Milk Jugs Into Gift Cards

IGH Solutions, a leading prepaid and gift card solutions provider, recently announced the introduction of the first plastic gift card made from recycled milk jugs.


IGH Solutions’ new Nattera Milkweed™ gift card is made from 30% post-consumer recycled content sourced from recycled milk jugs – and merchants are able to print both a barcode as well as apply a mag stripe to these cards.

“We found that consumers want to do the right thing for the environment, but they are confused about many of the claims made by various environmentally friendly cards,” said Martha Weaver, product manager for IGH Solutions. “Turning milk jugs into recycled plastic and then into new cards is something a consumer can understand – they can see the immediate results from their effort to recycle.”

The IGH Nattera™ line of earth-friendly products includes a broad range of stored value cards of various constructions that offer a combination of a high visual appeal and performance – providing the industry’s most extensive selection of green card alternatives.

About IGH Solutions, Inc

For more than 25 years IGH Solutions has been the industry leader in creating standard and custom cards and card programs. We provide a variety of offerings from card design and production to complete card personalization, packaging, fulfillment, and e-commerce solutions. IGH Solutions is a world leader in plastic card printing, with an emphasis on gift, loyalty and membership cards. For more information about IGH Solutions, visit http://www.ighsolutions.com.


Source : www.plastics.com

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