HASCO, a supplier of hot runner and mold technology, has added into its two-stage ejector family a new member, “Z1698/…”, which is designed specifically for large plate movements that also need off-center mounting when a central two-stage ejector cannot be used.


One potential application here is demolding with internal slide bars or inclined sliding carrier applications in the front ejector assembly. The procedure corresponds to that of the Z1695/… two-stage ejector. The ejection motion is subdivided into two aligned strokes, whereby the second stroke is defined individually by the customer and manufactured by HASCO accordingly.

The first stroke H1 moves both assemblies forward until the locking elements positively engage. After this, the second stroke H2 carries the rear ejector assembly forward. The simultaneous guidance of the entire ejector assembly by the two-stage ejector is a further advantage.

The ejector is available in three different sizes.


Source : www.adsalecprj.com

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