Plastic Recycling

Government Encourages Innovative Plastic Recycling And Disposal Methods

It is believed that for every 4 million metric tonnes of plastic manufactured, 2 MMT of waste is also produced simultaneously. In the absence of proper disposal and plastic recycling facilities in place for this plastic waste, the concerns over the ever increasing environmental and health issues relating to plastic waste have been growing for the past few years.  The government of India has also raised an alarm towards this end and asked all the plastic manufacturing units to develop proper disposal and plastic recycling channels for their plastic waste.

plastic recycling

Government’s Request To The Plastic Manufacturers

Plastic is a bio non-degradable waste. As the production for plastic increases, the amount of plastic waste will also increase and if proper corrective steps are not taken in the direction of proper disposal of this waste, there may soon come a time when the plastic industry will become the most dangerous industry for the existence of humankind. The government of India realizes this fact and therefore, our Union Minister of State for Chemicals and Fertilizers, Mr. B.K. Handique, has made special requests to all the people involved in the plastic manufacturing industry to take heed of the situation and adopt various preventive measures. He further requested the plastic manufacturers to come out with innovative techniques for the collection, segregation, recycling or reuse and finally proper disposal of the plastic waste. He urged the members of this industry to do their bit for the environment.  He also mentioned the fact that the world over, many new and latest techniques have been launched for the proper disposal of plastic waste and the members of the plastic manufacturing community should try to find out more about these methods and adopt the disposal channels which most suit their current setup.

Tips For Proper Disposal And Plastic Recycling

There are many new and innovative techniques which are being used for the proper disposal of plastic waste so that it does not cause any further damage to the environment. Some of those disposal methods are as under:

  • The first and the most basic change that can be brought about are by changing the type of polymer that is being used for the manufacture of plastic. Once ewe change the polymer used for plastic manufacture to biodegradable one, plastic waste would automatically become less of a threat to the environment than what it is currently.
  • Research and Development facilities should try to develop more ways through which the manufacture of items which are disposable or non critical in nature can be manufactured through the use of polymer which is biodegradable in nature.
  • Research is also underway which if successful will help in the development of a technique through which plastic waste can be converted into fuel for the generators. The plastic being used for this purpose will be bio non-degradable in nature and hence, if the same gets converted into fuel, it would end up serving the environment rather than damaging it.

Similarly, the need of the hour is to come up with similar innovative methods for the disposal and recycling of plastic waste in order to protect the environment.

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