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EU funded project to address energy anxieties in the plastics processing industry

The Energywise Plastics Project Consortium has conducted a European-wide survey to benchmark the level of knowledge of plastics processors in relation to energy management and efficiency.

The survey, part of the EU-funded project ENERGYWISE Plastics, found that 66% of companies had not yet implemented an energy efficiency program but due to the economic climate and competition from low cost countries are now working to find potential savings, and particularly energy savings. By implementing an energy efficiency program, the majority of companies identified that they could reduce costs, improve competitiveness and optimize their processes.

Based on the results of the successful Intelligent Energy Europe project “RECIPE”, ENERGYWISE Plastics will develop an e-learning platform and training materials for those working within the plastics industry to increase their knowledge and understanding of energy management.

ENERGYWISE Plastics is managed by iSmithers, working with a consortium of seven partners from across Europe including the British Plastics Federation (BPF), the Danish Technological Institute (DTI), AIMPLAS (Spain), PEP (France), ASCAMM (Spain) and Fraunhofer-ICT (Germany).


Source : www.adsalecprj.com

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