Engineering plastics make inroads in EVs

Engineering plastics make inroads in EVs
Engineering plastics make inroads in EVs
Engineering plastics make inroads in EVs

SIM-Drive is working with a team of 34 companies including DuPont (Wilmington, DE), Toray Industries (Tokyo), Bosch (Stuttgart, Germany) and Polyplastics (Tokyo), on the prototype SIM-WIL next-generation EV vehicle that features nearly 50 new technologies. It was unveiled in March this year.

The SIM-WIL’s range is reportedly 30% farther than today’s mass-produced EV vehicles. Yet it also delivers a maximum speed of 180 km/hr (110 mph), sports-car acceleration from 0-100 km/hr (0-60 mph) in 5.4 seconds, and offers a higher level of interior space and comfort.

Increased reliability, performance, reduced weight, and an appealing interior and exterior have, in part, been achieved by the use of eight DuPont products including high-performance plastics, film, paper, and paint in a collaborative development program between the DuPont Japan Innovation Center in Nagoya, Japan, and SIM-Drive.

“Especially in electric vehicle (EV) applications, these high-temperature, chemically resistant products and electrical insulation materials contribute to increased EV system reliability and performance under severe conditions such as wide-ranging temperatures and high voltage,” says Tomoyuki Shinkai, vehicle development co-ordination division general manager at SIM-Drive.

DuPont high-performance plastics such as Zytel HTN PPA (polyphthalamide) in the in-wheel motor and Kapton polyimide film in indicator lighting helped SIM-DRIVE keep weight lower than EVs on the road today. Zytel HTN used in key in-wheel motor bobbins are said to be stronger, lighter, and more cost effective than the polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) it replaces. Kapton, known for use in high-reliability applications from the Mars Rover to mobile devices, replaces the need for a circuit board, shaving 80% of the weight from the lighting component. Furthermore, bio-based Sorona polytrimethylene terephthalate (PTT) resin improves the environmental footprint and is used in interior applications.

“This project shows how lightweight, high-performance materials such as Zytel HTN PPA can take extremes, allowing designers to bring innovation to electric and hybrid electric vehicles without adding weight associated with metal,” says James Hay, regional director, DuPont Performance Polymers, Asia Pacific


Celebs Go Dating stars reveal what it’s like to be on the show

This year’s participants are Georgia Toffolo (underneath left), Bobby Norris (centre left), daphne Jane Crawford (link), randy Argent (Top put), charlotte Dawson (centre right), Frankie Cocozza (Top authority) And Calum quite

We’ve all wondered what it’s like to date a celebrity the fancy small businesses, paparazzi and exclusive events.

Eden’s expertise comes from his online dating site website, Which he set up to stop people “Catfishing, Meaning they lie about who they really are on social media in order lure people in.

He says from working on the show he’s been able to exercise who genuinely wants to date a celeb and who just wants the fame.

“We can tell from the daters’ social media should they be in it for real reasons or to be on TV for their 15 minutes of fame, He declares the BBC.

“The show has a huge team that interviews the daters and we have a transmission with them, Asking a number of questions.

“When we sit down employing daters we ask first, moldovan girlfriend Why a celeb dating agency?

“They say it’s to try different things, It’s a different kind of life, That celebrities are very organised, Very driven we.

“Some people just want to see or they just fancy Joey Essex which explains why they want to come on the show.

“There’s some fun, As it’s hard to miss from Love Island, The perks of being the face that means it is through are enormous,

paul Godfrey, 29, Dated Bobby Norris from in order is Essex on the show and says his life has changed since then.

“I work in fashion styling and events and I’ve dated people in the fans eye before.

“I meet people in the sector I’m in and it just depends if we get on, I like to evaluate the person, Not the effort title.

“With Bobby I was lucky in order to meet someone honest and genuine, We had a lot in keeping and that was a good ice breaker.

“the way you live does change when you date someone famous, People followed mine and Bobby’s story as we were the first LGBT couple on the show.

“I get stopped most days on the street, My admirers have gone up on social media but I’ve not had one bad comment,

Victoria Winterford, 25, Got to date two contestants on the show, Calum Best and Towie star jeremy “Arg” Argent and says her dates proved public awareness were wrong.

“I’ve watched Towie before and Arg has always discovered as a nice person he was really lovely, Funny and comfortable.

“With Calum I had referred to his past reputation but he proved himself to be a proper gentleman, He has been confirmed in a bad light and has really changed.

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