DSM Opens Application Development Technical Center in Yokohama Japan

DSM Opens Application Development Technical Center in Yokohama Japan

Faster response to customers’ needs and further contribution to sustainability

DSM Opens Application Development Technical Center in Yokohama Japan
DSM Opens Application Development Technical Center in Yokohama Japan

DSM will open its first application development technical center for engineering plastics in Japan on 26 March 2013 at the Yokohama Business Park in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture. The launch of the DSM Engineering Plastics Japan Technical Center is fully in line with DSM’s strategy to support and grow business not only with customers in Japan but also with overseas Japanese Transplants, for which material specifications are determined in Japan. DSM recognizes the importance of developing new innovative and more sustainable applications together with its customers in Japan.

Having the new technical center, DSM can provide fast and specific test data for its products, and can collaborate more closely with existing and new customers. For establishing the center, DSM Japan Engineering Plastics K.K. is grateful for subsidies received from “Subsidy Program for Projects Promoting Asian Site Location in Japan” by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Japan and from “Targeted Industry Programs” by Yokohama City.

The main subjects for examination at the center are highly functional engineering plastics used in automotive, electrical and electronics, and flexible food packaging industries. Hiroshi Yoshida, Managing Director DSM Japan Engineering Plastics says; “We cover all the engineering plastic product lines of DSM, such as Stanyl®, Stanyl® ForTii™, EcoPaXX®, Akulon®, Arnitel®, Arnite® and Novamid®. DSM acquired the Novamid portfolio from Mitsubishi Chemicals through the business swap agreement in 2010”.

The center possesses a wide variety of equipment for material and application testing including injection molding, physical property testing and thermal and chemical analysis in order for DSM to conduct integrated application development in Japan in close cooperation with its customers. Rein Borggreve, Global Research and Technology Director of DSM Engineering Plastics, explains: “With this new technical center in Japan, DSM now has five technical centers for engineering plastics around the globe. Other centers are located in Europe, USA, China and India. Together they function as important corner stones of our global research and technology network. They allow us to serve our global customers in the best way as well as to be present near our important regional clients.”

DSM regards the search for sustainable solutions as a key driver for success and profitability. In addition to reducing the environmental footprint of its own operations by reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, it is also driving sustainability via the engineering plastics it produces and in the applications they are used for.

Hiroshi Yoshida adds: “In order to deliver the most sustainable customer solutions, DSM focuses its Bright Science in engineering plastics on a number of key aspects of product and application development, such as EcoPaXX® and Arnitel® Eco, innovative developments in the use of feedstocks derived from renewable resources and more eco-efficient application solutions reducing friction and weight for automotive. DSM also offers alternatives for materials with substances of hazardous concern like its portfolio of halogen-free flame retardant solutions for f.e. electrical & electronic applications and searches for materials with recycle content that can be recycled end-of-life.”

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