D&K Group, Inc. introduces a new line of PVC Card laminating film for the plastic card market.

The D&K PVC Card laminating film simplifies PVC card manufacturing by replacing/complimenting the platen press process typically used to produce any cards excepting secure card applications. The new product is the newest addition to D&K’s SuperStick film line.

This PVC Card laminating film is specifically designed to adhere to standard PVC stocks used on many print engines in the card industry. The company says, D&K’s PVC Card film offers a clear, permanent surface with outstanding optical properties such as a glass-smooth finish. It is also available with mag striping, writeable matte surfaces, thermally printable surfaces, and can be embossed.

The D&K PVC Card laminating film solution greatly reduces the handling and material waste usually encountered during the card manufacturing process. Decreasing the labor significantly diminishes opportunities for error and damage and processing required. The combination of using D&K PVC Card film with D&K’s upgraded Double Kote NT laminating system (utilizing heated nip rollers) allows production speeds up to 2,000 12″ x 18″ sheets per hour.

In partnership with Spartanics, a manufacturer of state-of-the-art plastic card punching systems, D&K Group has developed a complete card manufacturing system utilizing today’s common print engines, upgraded D&K Double Kote NT laminating system, and Spartanics in-line cutter.

D&K Group, Inc., innovators in the thermal laminating industry for over 30 years. Spartanics is a manufacturer of laser cutting machines, die cutting systems, plastic card punching systems, screen printing lines, plastic card inspection and paper and plastic card counters.


Source: plastics.2456.com

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