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Davis-Standard launches latest pelletizing technology

The Converting Systems Group of Davis-Standard, an extrusion machinery supplier, has recently added new pelletizing technology to its Black Clawson Converting Machinery brand offering that will be promoted during NPE, the plastics fair to be held from June 22 to 26 at Chicago this year.

This includes a new air ring pelletizer, a pelletizer retrofit design to increase pelletizing capacity, a new die plate design and a conversion kit to double the life of the knife assembly on existing Black Clawson Converting Machinery pelletizers.

The new air ring pelletizing system design complements the company’s full line of underwater and water ring equipment. This design enables cutting of materials that should not come into contact with water quench media or those with a low enthalpy (heat removal) requirement. The air ring system can be applied to almost any pelletizing process application.

Pelletizer debottlenecking retrofits are available to increase production capacity utilizing an “X” model version, which denotes extra capability. This model design can increase throughput by up to 25% while minimizing cost and keeping the equipment footprint the same.

The latest pelletizer die plate design can increase product throughput rate proportional to an increase of die plate orifice holes in a given die model size. This technology also improves cutting face longevity, internal heat media distribution, and allows ease of cleaning.

In addition, a newly available conversion kit makes it possible to double the life of the cutting knife assembly on Black Clawson Converting Machinery pelletizers. This technology has a fast payback while improving the on-stream factor, reducing scrap and reducing maintenance costs.


Source: plastics.2456.com

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